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Nino Karas
@karas · CEO/Co-Founder at Letz
By the way for Product Hunt community we have a special feature, am I right @rrhoover :) https://twitter.com/rrhoover/sta...


Nino Karas
@karas · CEO/Co-Founder at Letz
Jack thank you for posting. Hey everyone, we are really excited to be here today. After 6 months of hard work, today we are launching Letz. With Letz, we are bringing an AI-based personal productivity assistants. It’s a multi-platform chatbot (the web, mobile, and social networks), that by continuously analyzing your habits learns the perfect times and pl… See more
Igor Che Madzov
@che_madzov · Associate @ SC-Ventures,
Works great. Lucy gets me like no other Girl :)
@mitcome · CMO, u:Plug
Great work! I think I like Lucy :) Where do you see Lucy going in the future? What is the big vision?
Petar Ninovski
@ninovskl · Entrepreneur
Awesome product. I've just installed Letz and it works very smartly, thanks! I like the idea. What sets you apart from other productivity apps?
Volhan Salai
@volhansalai · All around great guy!
Great Product I like it so far. Letz see whats everything it can do ;)