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Nino Karas — CEO/Co-Founder at Letz
Jack thank you for posting.

Hey everyone,

we are really excited to be here today. After 6 months of hard work, today we are launching Letz.

With Letz, we are bringing an AI-based personal productivity assistants. It’s a multi-platform chatbot (the web, mobile, and social networks), that by continuously analyzing your habits learns the perfect times and places to remind you of the things you need to do during the day, thus boosting your productivity.

The first assistant we are launching is called Lucy, a lovely and friendly character with a good sense of humor :)

We hope you will like it and we are eager to hear your feedback.

Enjoy productivity,
Nino & Martin
Rotem Yakir — CEO/CTO Guggy - Fun-up Your Message
@karas Hi, I just tried Letz and I really liked it :)

I would love to discuss with you about doing some stuff together but couldn't find a way to contact you. Can you send me an email at rotem@guggy.com please.
Nino Karas — CEO/Co-Founder at Letz
@rotemthegolfer @guggy hey sure shoot an email at nino@letz.do
Igor Che Madzov — Associate @ SC-Ventures,
Works great. Lucy gets me like no other Girl :)
Nino Karas — CEO/Co-Founder at Letz
@che_madzov Haha, glad to hear that :) She is a special one
Marie — Founder, Wyrd Arts
I find this comment unsettling.
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