Buy and sell ad space in email newsletters

#2 Product of the WeekJanuary 10, 2020
LetterWell is a platform to buy and sell advertising space in newsletter emails. We provide a secure, thoroughly vetted marketplace to connect advertisers with newsletter owners.
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Heyo Product Hunt! 🎉🎉🎉 After the last four years dreaming of launching my first product on PH and almost nine months in the works... We couldn’t be more excited to finally share LetterWell — our platform to buy and sell advertising space in newsletter emails. 📮 LetterWell makes it incredibly easy to source the very best email newsletters from across the world, reaching targeted and niche audiences that are arguably more specific, engaging and dynamic than any other audience segmentation out there. 📨 So what's cool about us? • Only the most reliable newsletters are published onto our platform (35% acceptance rate 😯) • Stringent background checks verify the authenticity of subscribers, open rates and CTR • Ability to contact newsletter owners directly via their newsletter listing page • Manage, edit and add newsletters from an intuitive easy-to-use dashboard • Free for life, or you can upgrade for extra exposure on our website 🙌 We have a great deal for Product Hunt: Apply the code PRODUCTHUNT to save 50% off our Spotlight Listing if you choose to upgrade. Questions or feedback? We’d love to hear it! 🙏 It's been an incredible journey and we hope you'll come join myself @sjs and @just_hermes for the rest of the ride, as we've only just started! 😉 - Peace & ❤️ Jay & Alec
@sjs @just_hermes brilliant guys. Love it
@bmweinstein 🤗 thanks!!
@sjs @just_hermes How do you verify the accuracy of subscribers, open rates and CTR?
Great question @ryand - we require screenshots and evidence of these stats to be uploaded by the newsletter owner! 🙌🏾
@sjs @just_hermes Welcome to the [AppName]Well family
Looks good, congrats on the launch. I started using instantly. Can you allow users to create templates for the messages section? @sjs
@dambil Thanks so much for the feedback! Do you mean in the contact newsletter form that sends a message to the newsletter owner?
@sjs contact newsletter form
@dambil gotcha, will definitely put in on our feature request board!
Congrats on the launch, it sounds like a great idea! Any plans on taking the concept forward and automatizing the ad submission between advertiser and newsletter?
@marcbc absolutely it is! You'll be seeing that and a bunch of other seriously cool features in our 2.0 launch. 😁
@sjs neat! good luck! 🙌
Brilliant concept! Can't wait for you to add newsletters in the Fitness & Wellness and Family & Relationships categories :)
@rachskaplan Thanks for the feedback, we’re always looking for as much diversity and variety as we can in the email newsletters we sign on 🧘🏾‍♂️
This is useful! We've been looking for the related newsletters to place ads for a while and this is just the perfect tool to use for this. Congrats team!
@zahid_sagiroglu Thank you so much, and hope you enjoy it ☺️