LetsLunch 2.0

Eat with startups, discover hidden jobs πŸ‘”

LetsLunch helps you explore the company culture, meet future coworkers and discover what working at a company is really like.

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πŸ‘‹ Hello Product Hunters! :) We're relaunching LetsLunch to help you connect with startups and and potential co-workers! πŸ“– Story LetsLunch started out as simple tool to connect you with like-minded people over lunch. πŸš€ Now Since then we have set up nearly 100,000 lunches and learnt that the best lunches are resulting in job offers or referrals for users. We observed that Tech screenings and assignments before getting to know the companies or candidates is a big problem in the tech industry. Our culture and chemistry first approach takes a new angle on hiring industry. We launched a new service that will help you meet innovative companies over lunch in their cafeteria. This empowers job seekers to get a behind-the-scenes look at a company, meet company employees over a casual lunch and see if it's a culture you want to be part of. It helps companies to assess candidates based on culture and value fit first. Upon mutual interest, both the company and candidate can then take it to the interview level. Let me know your feedback on company profiles - what would you like to see or know about a company before you decide to go check it out? Are you ready to eat with Startups? πŸš€
Seems pretty cool. Could definitely use a LinkedIn integration and a place to add a link to portfolio sites / blogs.