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LetsDecide, a SaaS platform focused on helping teams/organizations to manage, track & make decisions faster & better.
Website: https://letsdecide.ai
Product/Signup: https://ok.letsdecide.ai
Documentation: https://letsdecide.freshdesk.com/support/home
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Our Jan 2020 release includes; - Decision Reports: A set of charts, trending decisions based on various decision attributes, over a period of time. - Global Search: You can now search the entire tribe for decisions and related information. In the current version when you search, the results will bring in decisions as well as team members who are skilled in those areas of decisions. - Characterization: Conversations and input from team members can now be further characterized based on a decision's purpose. Details here. - Manage Users: You can now better manage users both on the tribe as well as on a decision, with the updated UI. - Notifications management: Control how you would like to receive email notifications.
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