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Letrs is not just a font manager in the cloud, but an ever-growing catalog of typefaces.

With Letrs you can manage your already purchased fonts, or use the ones available on the platform catalog, so you don't have to download them. Just download the app and activate the fonts you want. That easy.

It works really fine with Sketch 💪💎

Abraham Navas
  • Abraham Navas
    Abraham NavasProduct & Service Designer

    - Not need to buy a font anymore, jus use what you need.

    - Team collaboration, so you can share groups of typographies with your mates.


    - By the moment, the catalog hasn't got a huge amount of font families, but I guess Spotify experienced the same at its beginning.

    I think Letrs could really be a game changer in the way people, both designers and foundries, manage their fonts. Just like Spotify does with songs.

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Chris Messina
Chris Messina@chrismessina · Product designer & entrepreneur
How does this compare with SkyFonts, which includes so many different foundries' collections?
Sergi Hernando
Sergi HernandoMaker@ajoman · CTO, Letrs
@chrismessina hi Chris! So sorry your question went unnoticed to me. Letrs has its own font catalog. It does not integrate (at the moment) with other platforms. On the other hand, we've got what we call the teamwork, where you can share your collection of private fonts with others in your creative team. This is, basically, the two main differences with SkyFonts.