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Hey Product Hunt! In this episode, Anchor community member Jackie Perkovic kicks off a discussion about one of the oldest questions to plague mankind, touching on spirituality, biology, habit, instinct, and social pressure -- to name a few. Featuring waves by: Jackie Perkovic Jacob Wolfman Greg Dickson RC Wheeler Muhammad Chance Dite Jenafer Elin Neil Hopkins Ben V @Dayngr Shabaz Mallick Willem Van Zyl Kristin Myers Erik Valdman Nisshy Urizandi Steven Leaney Rob Tyson Gina/Virtual NLP Rob Tyson Nisshy Urizandi Justin Miyamoto Aniket Gune Ben Syzek Tate Hunter You can join this conversation on Anchor here: https://anchor.fm/w/9ce729
I always find the topic of free will interesting, especially from those who would say we _don't_ have free will. The fact that they believe they aren't in control what of what they believe, yet still believe it. If we don't have free will, then any truth claim is a waste of time, as people will just believe what they're predisposed to anyway. It's one of those scenarios where they end up with a self defeating argument. If free will doesn't exist then neither do truth claims. It's just matter. It reminds me of a lyric from the rapper Lecrae: "Somebody told me there was no such thing as truth. I said, if that's the case why should I believe you?" https://twitter.com/lecrae/statu...
@fredrivett Of course we have free will, we have no choice in the matter