Let's Enhance

Image upscaling supercharged


Let'sEnhance uses machine learning to enhance low resolution JPEG images, boosting resolution 4x times

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  • Pros: 

    Results came out way better than expected.


    UI doesn't make the difference between "anti-jpeg", "boring", and "magic" clear. Should have a legend/key for less savvy users.

    Wow. I was skeptical. I know this kind of thing has been around before, but I have never seen it work at this level, especially because artifacts are pretty minimal. I still can't believe the "magic" 4x result I have sitting in front of me, from a 500x400-size starting image. Well done. This is definitely a service I would use.

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  • Rodrigo Chiong
    Rodrigo ChiongFreelance Full-stack Web Developer

    Resulting images are great and the upscaling is sometimes mind-blowing! Also it's a free web app, no need to install or compile.


    UI is not the best, saving options aren't clearly labeled. It takes time to process but it's understandable.

    I tried this with some old scanned images, with less than 1000 pixels on each side. The results are amazing and the recovered detail is impressive.

    The tool will give you 3 different options for each file. They are not clearly explained or labeled, but these are my findings with a 872x583 px jpg image:

    "Anti-jpeg" gives you the image in the original resolution but seems to remove jpg artifacts. Resulting PNG is 835kb and 872x583 px.

    "Boring" gives you 4x the resolution but doesn't add much more detail than anti-jpeg. Detail is blurred but it preserves original patterns and edges as much as possible. Resulting PNG is 5.9 MB and 3488x2332 px.

    "Magic" seems to be the best option. It gives you 4x the original resolution and it also enhances edges and details. It looks sharper than the other 2 options but it introduces some noise and slight artifacts (in my case they appear on some patterns in the image). Nevertheless this is the best option of all 3 in my case. Resulting PNG is 13.3 MB and 3488x2332 px.

    YMMV but this is indeed a great tool to try!

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  • Carl Schmidt
    Carl SchmidtCo-Founder & CTO at Unbounce

    Simple to use, good results


    Having to select the filter is a pain, would be great if filter selection were automatic

    We see marketers struggle to create great looking images on our platform (Unbounce) all the time, and some of that is due to resizing issues. Let's Enhance is an obvious quick win for marketers who don't have access to design expertise themselves, but who still want to output high-quality content.

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  • Pros: 

    Unbelievable quality for photo enlargements


    Interface a little quirky

    I use this product to enlarge small images to larger scale. Use a normal phto editor and you get artifacts and loss of detail Not so with Lets Enhance.

    A remarkable product though not exactly cheap.

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  • Alvaro R. Moya
    Alvaro R. MoyaProud CTO @ WeFitter. Investor

    Amazing quality


    Processing time

    A multi-image loader and API would be a killer features, we would be able to process entire folders seamlessly

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  • František Vráb
    František VrábWebdesigner, mangools

    it's amazing in its performance


    registration after you submit the image

    it really grinds my gears that it needs a rgistration :)

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