Let's Enhance 2.0

Powerful AI to increase photo resolution. No quality loss.

#3 Product of the WeekMay 07, 2020
Let’s Enhance resolves issues of low quality image originals in one click. Our AI recognizes smallest details to improve photo quality up to 16x in size. We automatically prepare visuals for website requirements, e-commerce, printing or any personal use.
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Hi dear PH community! I’m Sofi - CEO/Co-Founder of https://letsenhance.io/ @kevin thanks a lot for featuring us. We launched our first version of Let’s Enhance here 2 years ago. We faced the problem of low-quality photos that couldn’t be used anywhere and tried to solve it with AI research. Product Hunt became a starting point for us to get feedback and users and helped to improve. A lot :) During these 2 years we studied all possible image cases (compression, motion, bad lightning) and processed 50+ million photos - for business and personal use. And today I’m extremely excited to launch our renewed platform and API. Let’s Enhance 2.0 - what’s new? - Completely redesigned platform - flexible upscaling pipelines, 5 new upscaling options up to 16x in size, custom outputs and batch upload. - Presets for E-commerce, Real estate and printing - We studied many business cases and defined the best approaches to problems that our clients might face - low print quality, unattractive property photos or product images. Presets are here to save time, with no need to configure anything. - API - Fast and convenient image processing infrastructure for your business through a simple API. Please, let us know your feedback =) As an appreciation to PH community we are offering 30% off for the first 3 months deal for all our plans with WELOVEPH promocode (https://letsenhance.io/pricing?p...).
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@kevin @sofi_shvets congrats! I remember the first one, now looks even smarter!
@kevin @sofi_shvets Wonderful stuff folks, congrats on the 2.0 launch!
@graeme_fulton thank you! =)
Hey @sofi_shvets first of all congrats on the PH launch! I just wanna say that it's not working well for me. I uploaded 2 images. The first one was a screenshot of my sample code. When I upload it then it somewhat enhances the quality and I was a lot impressed by that but when I saw the file size then it's almost 70 MB!! Which is insane... What I want the fix is to be as when it processes the 70 MB file then it should auto compress it without losing any quality. Also the second image which I uploaded was an illustration of a statue and after 20 minutes it's still loading... so didn't get that pic till now. However the idea is cool! Some of the things are in BETA version so just hoping for some improvements.
Absolutely fantastic product! Proud of you guys! )
Congrats <3 proud of you!
Niicee! Looks very useful. I can't wait when I try it :) Congratulations!
congrats, Sofiia!