Let's Chat

Like Slack, but opensource and self-hosted.

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 13, 2015
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This could be really useful for chat communities after Slackgate yesterday. https://twitter.com/levelsio/sta...
@lucasjgordon Slackgate? Really? I don't know why Slack would shut off that API, but I'm guessing it was probably to combat abuse/spammy behavior and/or preserve their business model...
@chrismessina I totally understand their reasons for making the change, but it did allow the creation of some great communities which may now need to look elsewhere.
@chrismessina @lucasjgordon I tend to agree that spam/abuse was probably the issue. I joined several communities on slack, but rarely went back to them. I'm guessing most of those communities weren't strong enough to garner many repeat visitors, but I could be wrong. Regardless, cool to see an open source version pop up. I'm sure there is a market for self hosted chats where community owners have more control.
I'm so happy with how rapidly team based messaging is improving. Almost as happy as my email inbox.
@willsamari I've been using Skype over email for team chat for years but it's great to see innovation in the space
It looks awesome!
@jberrebi Cool to see that they're from Toronto
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Nice hunt. Curious if the mobile apps are native? Added to the Chat & Messaging collection: http://bit.ly/1urlQir
@pieterpaul where's it talk about them having a mobile app?
@_jacksmith Landing page shows the app on desktop, iOS and Android. But now that I've taken a closer look at what's on the screen of the mobile devices it's the app running in a mobile browser. Cheeky ;)
@pieterpaul We're hoping someone, somewhere has the gusto to write one. For now it's just through the browser and not particularly good :(
Reminds me of https://gitter.im/ , except not based on github, MIT licensed, and self-hosted (which is awesome!). I need to make an excuse to use this in one of my projects now... Nice hunt!