Curious how to launch your product and shake the market ranks? Lately LESS_ did that - app we developed in Apptension. The success ingredients were: strong strategy, tech, team alignment and clever growth idea. Now we're ready to share with you our manual!
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Hello Product Hunt! Hopefully, you’re in the middle of brainstorming how to build a killer app that’ll attract community quickly. Are you really? oh, well then, lucky day! I’m excited to provide you with a trusted recipe for an idea we've forged into a successful product. Long long time ago, somewhere in Central Europe next to the Warta river... ⚒️ The client approached us with an initial idea of the marketplace to sell used clothing: we were definitely on board. We wanted to build it and promote it. 🇵🇱 What we were afraid of, was the competition on the Polish market. There were bigger players on the market, with bigger funding and already established trusted user communities. 😰 We’ve had so many sleepless nights thinking about how we can we serve the client to make sure his app will disrupt these ranks… while the development has already been going on. But that's the agile way - you'll figure it out by doing, and such was the case here. 🌏 Mission. We’ve given our product a purpose: to promote a sustainable lifestyle. With Client convinced to this idea, new questions arose that have guided us to success. 🗺️ Strategy: is there a trend for sustainability? how do our competitors act in this field? Launch and Growth: how to capture users’ attention with your mission? ⌨️ On top of that, there were also product development matters - how to ensure stability, safety, efficiency, fit within the budget constraints... 💪 The whole team has been engaged in answering those questions. Everybody had something to say, which turned out to be a critical success factor. 📈 Results? 👉 no. 1 downloaded Shopping app in the App Store - just 3 days after release; 👉 150k users within 3 months; 👉 LOADS of positive feedback from the local startup community; 👉 Coverage in national media! Sorry not sorry, but these results have overexceeded our expectations. Watching PH community, I could note that each of us looks forward to seeing successful products. To make our contribution, we'd love to broaden the definition of ‘successful’ by providing a positive impact on the environment & society. And I hope our case study will showcase how you can do that as well: 💜 💜 you can also read the full story here: 💚 💚 As for the roadmap - we’re now on a mission to conquer the US!! 🇺🇸 Many thanks for getting through here PH-ers! Here's a high5: ✋