Leonard for LinkedIn a tool I found to help LinkedIn growth strategy.

From their website:

Build your network of contacts , it’s never been easier to automatically send hundreds of personalised connection requests in minutes to grow your network and engage new prospect clients.

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I haven't visited LinkedIn in six months, and services/actions like this are the reason why. The funnel of: 1. you visit my profile 2. I see that you visited my profile 3. I click on your profile 4. I click on your business 5. I reach out to you 6. I actually purchase your product seems far too leaky/inefficient for this service to be worth it, especially given the risk of being banned for using it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@nickabouzeid Thanks for your feedback Nick. You make some great points, but please note that Leonard doesn't just view profiles. We offer much more than that including marketing automation similar to services like MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Active Campaign but for Linkedin. We also use AI to learn how you use LinkedIn to avoid detection from LinkedIn's algorithms. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us - support@meetleonard.com
@meetleonard @meetleonard_com I find it hard to endorse products whose entire value proposition is that they can avoid spam detection techniques from other companies. Regardless of the ancillary services attached to your tool, I wouldn't feel comfortable associating my brand with a process that is intentionally blocked.
How is LinkedIn not going to block this?!
@chrismessina Also, what the heck is the point of this? Business happens as a result of building genuine relationships, not spamming the largest number of people in the shortest time possible. This looks like a spambot, and a surefire way to get your account suspended.
@chrismessina @andreasduess I look at it differently, you do a search for a type of person you want to connect with. This is a genuine desire for connection, you just automate the actions. It's no different than a cold call. I see your point though.
@jemauthentic but like, they advertise "free InMails". If that works, you're literally stealing from LinkedIn, whether you agree with the price or not. There's no question about the value of connection — but InMail is designed to limit spam and to make money by introducing friction. I'm not sure how this extension gets around that, but it's a spammer's delight.
@chrismessina Good Point, I haven't used the mailing feature. I think view and maybe connect is enough for me. Maybe Leonard has to many features.
@chrismessina Just had a look, the inmail feature only works in SalesNavigator. Which means you have already paid for your inmails.
A lot of people have been talking about LinkedIn automation. As a growth hacker and digital marketer, it is about time. Leonard saves me time, it helps me connect with people quickly and easily at a very fair rate.
Trying this. Will come back later for pros & cons.
This looks good !! Hoping to solve work of the sales team in reaching out to the potential clients 😊