Leon & George

Indoor plants for your home or startup office

Leon & George (YC S17) makes buying and owning beautiful indoor plants as easy as it should be.

Order online and plants show up directly at your home or office on the scheduled date and time – all plants include pots, simple care instructions, and unlimited access to our plant care experts. Easy returns & exchanges if you're not totally happy!

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9 Reviews5.0/5
Fucking excellent. You pay for what you get and this is well worth the extra bit you pay over Home Depot prices. The plants are handpicked and potted with obvious care. I couldn't make a plant look so good if I did it myself. I do wish they offered bulk discounts so I could outfit my entire home:)
Thanks Kat for the hunt! I'm Nico, co-founder of Léon & George. We launched beginning of 2017 and we're helping people getting plants for their home and office. Feel free to ask any questions!
Leon and George delivers potted plants to your home or office. They deliver for free in the Bay Area and LA and give you 30 days of plant care help. L&G went through the S17 batch of Y Combinator.
@katmanalac To save the rest of the world a click, a quick clarification: free delivery in SF only.
@shloky A further clarification! We deliver for free anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area (so not just SF) and in the Los Angeles metro area 😊
@gooderdle I'm asking to clarify the rules. But I edited the original to make it clear!
Very nice plant selection. I have an unhealthy obsession with succulents so plants are definitely my thing but also, I'm planning to release my product here on PH (spoiler: related to home/office decor as well) so here is some feedback: While there are many places to buy plants, their pots are hideous. It's extremely hard to find a pot which is functional and beautiful at the same time (I end up buying whatever I find pretty and make the holes myself) so it's really great that the customer can choose from more than 1 option! About plant care: That must be everyone main's concern. It's hard to choose a place for them to stay so whenever I'm doing plant shopping, I tend to make a mental map of the available sunny spots in my house and if that particular plant will be pleased with it. I'm currently setting a chatbot that will guide my customers through their preferences and product variations and this chatbot will give them their final price. So something that would be hella cool and scream "Buying plants SF style" would be... a chatbot that guides the customer through which sunny spots does he/she have and which plant will end up thriving there. Something like "indoor only / indirect sunlight from window / direct sun by the morning or afternoon / direct sun during the whole day". With some other things like "I don't like watering plants suggest me a resistant one". Plant care is complicated and as much as I like them, I don't really like to spend much time studying how to keep them alive so if I had a tool where I could select how much sun I have available and how many times I have to water them weekly and then I'm presented with a collection that fits my needs, this would be insanely cool. You won't be just another plant seller, for sure. Just my 2 cents.
@bettinadraws Hey Bettina, that chatbot sounds great! We could definitely have more tools around discovery. We do have collections, like in the case of Low Maintenance plants: https://www.leonandgeorge.com/pl... Plant care can indeed be complicated but we try to make it as simple as possible. Each plant comes with clear care instructions as well as 24/7 access to our plant care experts that can tell you what's going on when your plant is dropping leaves (for example) and how to fix it!
I recently moved and started searching for greenery for my new place. I was surprised to discover how expensive large plants/trees are. $300 for an elephant ears plant is hard to swallow.
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, totally hear you, it's a lot of money. But if you consider that you're not only getting the plant, but also the pot, the delivery, and the guarantees – it's actually quite fairly priced. In the case of the Elephant Ears Plant you're looking at, the pot alone retails for $189 from the manufacturer, Modernica. For the extra $110 you pay with us you're also getting the plant, the delivery, and the comfort of buying a plant without risk. Large plants are heavy, fragile and unwieldy so we deal with all the work for you: prepping, potting, and bringing them to you so all you have to do is just enjoy them in your home. And unlike buying from anywhere else, if you ever have any trouble with your plant, our team is always available to answer any questions and make sure your plant thrives!
@rrhoover same. I found a guy in LA - bought a beautiful 6ft fiddle leaf for $30 at the rose bowl market. Could buy a golden pot with the difference in money. I was intrigued by the idea but if you're ok at repottingandants I just can't justify the cost.
@rrhoover @lanewood Hey Lane, sounds like you got a great deal! It's quite rare to find a tall Fiddle for so cheap, even wholesale. Although certainly in general if you're willing to do the work, take time out to drive around, and have a green thumb, it's more affordable to do it yourself. What we offer is convenience, time saved, and peace of mind that you're making the right decision with whatever plant you get – and we've noticed our customers are willing to pay for this.