Auto captions and hashtags using AI

Lemma is a social media tool which you can use to get more likes for your posts . Lemma uses Image recognition and AI to suggest best captions and trending hashtags for your posts attracting more followers and likes.
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Hi folks! We are very excited to launch this app which we were working from many months. Are you a traveler, photographer, Instagram influencer , event organizer, a budding entrepreneur trying to build your brand or just a person who finds joy sharing moments of your life with others ?, then this App is for you. Never again waste time searching for captions and hashtags on the internet. Lemma uses Image recognition and AI to automatically fetch the best captions for you so that you can spend time creating memories. Why use Lemma? * Huge database of about 140,000 captions spread across more than 200 categories. * Captions comprise of both savvy captions and quotes from celebrities. * New captions added every week. * Completely free to download and use. * Hashtags also provide you with the number of posts, so you are aware of the number of people you are reaching. * Easy and intuitive UI. Thankyou for visiting our page . Looking forward for your feedback. Here is the link to our app: https://play.google.com/store/ap...
Do you feel need of having caption or hashtag with your social media post?
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It’s making thing easy, thinking about the caption is minimized,no more thinking use lemma.. great work guys..👍🏻
@saurav_kumar_dhiman Thanks for the kind words Saurav :)
Looks great - would love to see a web app version to go along side the android app.