The condom re-engineered with spokesperson Charlie Sheen

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As a father of two, sometimes technology advances come too late ;)
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@yvoschaap Don't let your kids read this ;)
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The sales pitch in one GIF: While a bit dramatic, Charlie makes some valid points:
Credit TNW's @nattgarun for this find where she compares it to the Beats headphones.
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@rrhoover @nattgarun this is amazing marketing
@rrhoover it's amazing how much more sensitive they made Charlie Sheen ;)
@rrhoover @nattgarun Would not sleep with anybody who uses a needle in the process. #oldfashioned #missingoutmaybe
All I wanna know...is it made with Tigerblood?
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@nichediver lol WINNING. Sorry I don't mean to be mean with my previous comment....And Sex is a taboo topic so I think people should talk about it and this product seems amazing, maybe revolutionary. But I think Charlie Sheen is a bad choice as a spokesperson. The last thing I want to think of while having sex is Charlie Sheen. Just a bad choice in my humble opinion. Happy to see him make a turnaround though. No more tigerblood craziness.
@parkerwoodward Interesting, I think he's an excellent choice for a spokesperson. Not because he's an upstanding character but because he represents the scariest downside to unprotected sex AND his poor judgement - past, present or future - isn't likely to negatively affect Lelo AND he's willing to talk about it AND he's someone people recognize and talk about whether they like him or not.
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@parkerwoodward Or bits of real panther?
@parkerwoodward couldn't agree more. Terrible choice for a spokesperson.
Did not expect a condom to feature on PH. πŸ˜‚
@shradha_poddar Ahh, but it's a *well designed* condom. That had to have been the qualifier. ;)
My spontaneous purchase thanks t PH and the dramatic and stunning videos - gota try it and gift it to others!