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#1 Product of the WeekJanuary 30, 2019
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Leave Me Alone is an email unsubscription service, with a focus on privacy.

Simply connect your Gmail account and you will see all your newsletters, subscriptions and spam, which you can then unsubscribe from with a single click.

Take back control of your inbox by getting rid of the subscription spammers.

  • Dale Grant
    Dale GrantCo founder, emble

    Super easy to use!


    Can’t think of any, currently

    Tried this out after talking with the makers - I get so much junk it felt great to be clearing up the inbox. Thanks for the suggestion and the solution James & Danielle, keep up the good work!

    Dale Grant has used this product for one month.
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  • Andrew Askins
    Andrew AskinsPartner & CEO at Krit

    Great interface, Easy to use, Paid product so they don't sell your data


    Can't yet resubscribe to newsletters, so if you're a dummy like me you may accidentally unsubscribe from some you want to get.

    It's a really great product from two indie makers! Give it a shot if, like me, you've been meaning to thin out that one personal email address that's filled with spam but you'd really like to be able to use again.

    Andrew Askins has used this product for one week.
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Danielle Johnson
Danielle JohnsonMaker@dinkydani21 Β· Leave Me Alone | Squarecat
Hey Product Hunt! ✌️ I’m Danielle, one of makers of Leave Me Alone. The other is my partner @jamesivings πŸ‘«. Thank you so much @abadesi for both hunting us and also being one of our first customers! πŸ’› β€” Leave Me Alone is an email unsubscription service which lets you see all of your emails in one place, and unsubscribe from spam with a single click. πŸ’­ Inspiration James and I find managing emails a huge drain on time and productivity. Spam emails plagued us daily and we wanted a service which would show all of the email lists we were subscribed to and allow us to unsubscribe easily. πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ Problem We found a few services that would help us unsubscribe from emails automatically for free, but a closer looks shows that’s because they make their money byΒ selling all of your data for marketing purposes. 🀒 πŸ›  Solution Faced with the dilemma of a messy inbox or all of our data being exploited, we decided to build our own service and make it privacy focused. Leave Me Alone was born! 🐣 With Leave Me Alone you can: βœ‰οΈ See all of your subscriptions, newsletters and spam emails in one place πŸ‘‹ Unsubscribe from unwanted lists with a single click πŸ’Œ Favourite senders you want to keep πŸ• Set a reminder to scan again Unlike our competitors, we wont ever sell your data (in fact we don't even store any email content). We also actually unsubscribe you from emails rather than just moving them to trash, so those subscriptions are gone forever, even if you decide to stop using our service. Leave Me Alone is a paid service (so that you know we don't need to sell your data to keep afloat), but we've tried to keep it as fair and affordable as possible. A single one-off payment allows you to perform a scan on your inbox for spam received in the last 1-6 months, and unsubscribe from as many as you like (try and beat our high score of 316)! To celebrate our launch day we're offering Product Hunt users a special discount of 20% off any scan. Just use the coupon PH_HATES_SPAM when you get to the payment screen πŸ˜‡ β€” πŸ‘« About Us James and I are a couple of travelling indie makers. We have built Leave Me Alone without funding and completely in the open (read more here). Leave Me Alone is proud to be an open startup. You can see all of our revenue, users, and other stats on our (open page)! πŸ˜‡ Honourable mentions Thank you so much to @iamarnob and @mshra_ji for creating our absolutely incredible logo GIF. Thank you to our every one of our beta testers and early adopters for your help making LMA a service which has helped over 500 people already. Thank you to @dinuka_jayasuriya for creating Makers Kitchen which provided us with a wealth of help and suggestions. Thank you to @marie_dm_ for founding Women Make which has been fantastic support. And thanks to YOU for reading this far! We will be here and on Twitter all day if you have any feedback, questions, or want to say hello, we’d love to chat! - Danielle & James
Miguel Piedrafita
Miguel Piedrafita@m1guelpf Β· 17-year-old maker.
@jamesivings @dinkydani21 Congrats on launching!
Danielle Johnson
Danielle JohnsonMaker@dinkydani21 Β· Leave Me Alone | Squarecat
@m1guelpf Thank you Miguel!
Arnob Mukherjee
Arnob Mukherjee@iamarnob6543 Β· Founder @ Culrs
@jamesivings @mshra_ji @dinkydani21 Pleasure working for *Leave me alone*, You guys are doing some great job and also congrats on the PH Launch!
Danielle Johnson
Danielle JohnsonMaker@dinkydani21 Β· Leave Me Alone | Squarecat
@iamarnob Thank you! And thank you so so much for making our kick-ass gif! ❀️
Rupak Mishra
Rupak Mishra@mshra_ji
@jamesivings @dinkydani21 @iamarnob it was fun working for *Leave me alone*, It's an awesome product. Congrats on the launch!
AbadesiHunter@abadesi Β· Head of Maker Outreach at Product Hunt
I actually discovered this around New Year's via a tweet from @anthilemoon -- it came at the perfect time as I wanted to start 2019 with a much cleaner inbox than 2018. It worked like a charm at a bargain price and excited to share it with PH now!
Danielle Johnson
Danielle JohnsonMaker@dinkydani21 Β· Leave Me Alone | Squarecat
Thanks again @abadesi! And thanks to @anthilemoon for that discovery tweet πŸ˜ƒ
Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Anne-Laure Le Cunff@anthilemoon Β· Entrepreneur
I absolutely love LMA! My inbox really needed a clean up, and it did a fantastic job. Plus, @dinkydani21 and @jivings provide timely, friendly support in case you need extra help. It's nice to get rid of all the spam so you can focus on the few subscriptions I actually appreciate. πŸ™Œ
Danielle Johnson
Danielle JohnsonMaker@dinkydani21 Β· Leave Me Alone | Squarecat
@anthilemoon πŸ™ Thank you SO much Anne-Laure! We'll be here all day!
Pradip Khakhar
Pradip Khakhar@pradipcloud Β· Senior Product Manager
This is one of my fav products. I cleaned out so many unwanted emails, loved watching LMA grow. Love that LMA is privacy first. Congrats Danielle and James building an amazing product that is so useful.
Danielle Johnson
Danielle JohnsonMaker@dinkydani21 Β· Leave Me Alone | Squarecat
@pradipcloud Thank you so much Pradip for your kind words and being such an awesome customer! I hope your inbox stays clean for a long time now πŸ’›
Julian@jic94 Β· Innovation writer
This SaaS is literally a 𝐰𝐒𝐧-𝐰𝐒𝐧 𝐭𝐨𝐨π₯ 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐲𝐨𝐧𝐞. Newsletters that don't get a lot of love get mercifully executed; ESPs have less work monitoring who has bad email practices; those who send newsletters have an easier time cleaning their lists off unengaged subscribers; and Gmail now has a helping hand to eliminating bad opens (lol, kinda). Hopefully this will be available for other ISPs, but I understand that this could be hard. And if you support indie making, this product is made by indie makers and for everyone :).
Danielle Johnson
Danielle JohnsonMaker@dinkydani21 Β· Leave Me Alone | Squarecat
@jic94 Amazing words - thank you! πŸ™ We hope to support more providers in the future. There's a few requests on the public roadmap you can vote or suggest more for us https://leavemealone.xyz/roadmap