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#2 Product of the DayOctober 24, 2014
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@ruiaaperes I like any site where the word brainfuck loads above the fold.
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Adam is really really fantastic. We stole duck pate in a fancy restaurant one time. I'll try and get him in here.
@MackFlavelle I just invited him as well. Thanks.
@erictwillis @MackFlavelle he's in Istanbul. That may mean he's sleeping.
@MackFlavelle Yeah. I noticed in his bio. I should have sent that out earlier.
@erictwillis @MackFlavelle I don't sleep. I wait (to be on producthunt).
@adambard @MackFlavelle Nice. Glad you could jump in here Adam. You might want to reply to that tweet I sent so that Erik or Nichole sees it and verifies your account.
@karnajani I think you'd like this -- love the concept.
brainfuck. Because hackers. Geeeeeeenius. And besides that, this is a seriously cool resource. I'm dabbling with learning to code so I can build things and the biggest impediment to starting was knowing which language to kick off. I chose js by the way. Incidentally, I just discovered that brainfuck is actually the perfect way to learn how programming works.
I love this. Learned a lot from it. It's a easy way to see: ok I might want to learn this or not. I guess for a real job, where your boss asks you to learn something new might not be the best. But, for a person that just is trying new languages, it's perfect. (Y)