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Good to have the course up here, and look forward to any feedback!
Any customers on here? Would be very curious to hear from people who've tried it. @conradwa It's difficult to tell what level this teaches at. In whatever terms make sense, could you describe what level students/projects should be at to get the most out of this?
It's a variety of levels, really. For someone more advanced, feedback on your landing page is almost always helpful. For someone with less experience, you get access to tools and steps to put up a page, measure results and make changes. In the near term, I'm getting a blog post up from our intern George, who's going through how he built a high-converting page for one of our courses.
Cool! Looking forward to that blog post. I like the "learning by doing approach, both in terms of usefulness and retention by users, and in terms of creating a virtuous cycle for growth: Product creates a community around the product, community creates content, you guys can use the content to grow the product, which grows the community, etc.
I was underwhelmed by the landing page, ironically, of the business selling information about creating awesome landing pages.