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Build full-stack applications using Node.js and JavaScript
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Learning Node.js can be seen like a challenge. Instructions that are plentiful, variable, out of date, with practices that are out of style, and technologies that are not used anymore. Solutions like this one are usually sold and not given away for free. What makes Learn Node.js a valuable resource? 1. Process. In this book, I take you through the process of developing an application using JavaScript and Node.js. I show everything that it takes to build a real application and have it deployed somewhere. At the end, we deploy the application to production and have it run on heroku. 2. Transferable Knowledge. The process shown in this book can be applied to many different problems. Thus, it makes this book and the material in it very valuable, and transferable. 3. Practice with guidance. I teach you enough JavaScript to solve the problems and leave some areas for you to explore. I guide you through usage of images or similar cases with descriptions. 4. Common problems and solutions. I teach you how to solve many common software application problems through both explanations and code samples (with links to private GitHub samples). We will look at some of the following problems : βœ“ SEO βœ“ Authentication and Authorization βœ“ Transactional Emails βœ“ CRUD operations βœ“ REST api βœ“ Deployment 5. Real Project You will build this πŸ‘‰ https://elderoostalpha.herokuapp... πŸ‘ˆ With this knowledge you will be able to tackle many problems or start a new career path as a node.js developer! Learn Node.js book contains everything you need to build full-stack applications written using modern JavaScript. Get familiar and master Node.js, and friends (Express.js, Sequelize.js, Handlebars.js, and PostgreSQL).