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Anything that @fletchrichman touches is gold. Hence, this is gold.
@pe_feeds oh and this
Hi all, Maker here. Super excited to bring this live in time for the holiday season. I've been a practitioner of zazen for almost a decade now. Throughout my own journey with zen, I've fallen off the wagon and gotten on several times. I began looking for ways to sift through all of the philosophy and wisdom associated with Buddhism (there sure is a lot!), and actually apply those to my own meditation. When the HTC Vive came out, and @fletchrichman began building experiences for it, we were super excited about breaking ground in a new category: a meditation app that *increased* your focus by tracking how people meditate in real time and providing you feedback when you go off course. For us, we meditate by following our breath. For those who use other meditation objects, we hope to build something for you sometime down the road. Cheers! @owocki (and @fletchrichman )
This is one of the coolest uses of VR I've seen. Is there a multiplayer mode?
@devevangelist not yet, but its on the roadmap
@owocki @devevangelist @fletchrichman What would multiplayer meditation look like? I feel like if I was competing against someone it wouldn't be very... meditative. I'm not trying to be a naysayer, I'm honestly curious.
@mcclaskc I think it would be group meditation, maybe with a leader, as opposed to a competition. @owocki what were you thinking?
@mcclaskc It's funny that we live in a world where "multiplayer" implies "competitive" :) We'd likely design a group meditation VR area in which you can see / talk to others around you and get support / advice from them after your meditation; likely modeled off of what is actually done in sangha's across the world today.
@owocki Makes sense. Forgive my ignorance of the various types of meditation. And yeah I tend to play competitive video games so that's what pops into my mind when I hear "multiplayer" I guess.
Congrats on the launch! Great idea, and super creative use of VR. Excited to give this a shot!
that's the definitive excuse to buy a vive Thank you