Leapsome Remote Learning & Onboarding

Develop your talent with personalised learning & onboarding

We help companies onboard & develop their talent with a personalized learning experience, tightly integrated with our performance management features. Create flexible learning paths and distribute them to employees based on team membership, tenure and performance.
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ProductHunt offer 🚀 Access to Leapsome will be 🌟free 🌟to new Leapsome customers with less than 25 employees until July 1st, 2020. Everybody else will get a 25% discount on the first year --- Hi Product Hunt! 👋 Leapsome is back again with a huge new addition to our people enablement platform for forward-thinking companies - and as we realised over the last weeks, it thankfully might allow us to make the move to remote work a bit easier for some of your new colleagues. Through many conversations with the existing customers of our people enablement platform, it became clear that personalised learning based on top of our performance and survey features would result in a powerful flywheel to power employee engagement. We’ve built Leapsome Learning to help companies develop their talent with a highly personalized, scalable, and online learning experience for every employee. Here’s how it works: You can create “learning paths” made up of learning content such as videos 📺, articles 📚, presentations, quizzes, and many other formats. Learning Paths can then be (automatically 🤖) delivered to employees based on their start date, team memberships and even performance level. A few practical examples could be: ✅New hire orientation (high-level intro to the company) for all employees ✅ Department-specific onboarding to bring everbody up to speed quickly ✅ Compliance training to those that are required to take it ✅ New manager training for newly promoted managers. Of course, you have the ability to test your learner’s knowledge acquisition with lightweight quizzes 🎓, and there is a whole wealth of analytics 📈built-in for you to understand who is benefitting from your learning programs and who might need extra coaching. Our aim with this product is to help companies surface and deliver the treasure trove of internal content 📚 they already have to create a superior learning (or onboarding) experience - especially during these challenging times right now where many companies will be onboarding new hires remotely. Thanks for reading and looking forward to your feedback and thoughts!
Looks like a really useful tool - especially during the current times!
@benjidisciple Thanks Benjamin. Glad you think so!
Awesome product for these times!
@muriel_clauson1 Thanks Muriel. Appreciate the feedback.
Really excited to have launched Leapsome Learning & Onboarding AND to have made Leapsome available for free for small businesses today! Looking forward to your feedback about the product. Do let us know if you have any questions!
Brilliant usability, great product!