Smart life insurance matching from top carriers.

LeapLife combines leading data science, deep underwriting knowledge and proprietary technology to match consumers with the right life insurance carrier through a seamless digital experience. We work with top-rated carriers in the U.S.
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Hi everyone, my name is Tatyana and I run design/product at LeapLife. I'm very excited to share what we've been working on with you today! Did you know you have to qualify for life insurance and your health, family history, and credit standing can affect your price? LeapLife is a life insurance platform that matches you with the right life insurance. We ask you a few questions up front and match you with the best-priced and most convenient insurance product based on that information. We are working with multiple life insurance carriers to offer comprehensive coverage and competitive pricing for different risk situations. For example, a person in excellent health who knows exactly what they want can buy their life insurance all online without talking to anyone. On the other hand, if you have complex medical history or unsure of what you need/want, doing it all by yourself might not be the best option. So we have a team of seasoned life insurance specialists to help you through this process. Take a look at www.leaplife.com and let me know what you think! Do you understand everything you see? Do the questions make sense? I'll be around to answer any questions. Thank you! Tatyana
This is pretty cool in that I’m so wary of dealing with big box co’s and hate the snake oil ness of it. How are you guys different from a traditional insurance agency?
@sam_jp that's a great question. Traditional agencies did the best they could with the resources they had. Technology has changed the way people shop for life insurance and the expectation of the process. There is no need to call 10 different agents/companies to get your rates, we have them all in one place for you with LeapLife. Life is not one size fits all, and your life insurance policy is no exception.