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When I was working in Palo Alto but commuting from San Francisco, I would have killed for a service like this. The buses look very nice but at your price point intra-SF, you're competing with Lyft and Uber's ride sharing. They're arguably more convenient (I don't have to worry about a schedule) and seem to be getting better and better at pairing riders.
@seanacres There's only the Lombard Express line currently, right? No SF > PA option, unless I'm missing something -- isn't it entirely intra-SF...?
@wtwht Ah, to clarify, I'm recommending they switch to longer routes and avoid Lyft Line/UberPool areas where they have to compete against a cheaper and more convenient product.
@seanacres Great point Sean. Really love this concept, but I think price point is too high when comparing vs. Lyft + Uber.
I do like landing page design a lot. Great idea having non-standard 2 columns with nice video and images.