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#1 Product of the WeekApril 20, 2015
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Where have you been all my life, great utility and design on this
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@mutlu82 thanks :) Let us know if you have any feedback!
Hi all! Zack here - I'm one of the co-founders. We built Leanflix because we were spending more time looking for good movies than actually watching them. There are five of us on the team - two designers / front end devs, a Rails dev, a data scientist, and myself. We'd love to hear feedback and answer any questions that you have. Our goal is to build a reddit-like community for discovering and discussing movies and TV - we're experimenting a number of social features like site-wide live chat, commenting, and user profiles. One of the biggest things we did was develop a rating algorithm based off data from Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb, Metacritic, and a number of other sources - the UI sorts movies from best to worst, which makes it really easy to find a great movie to watch. Many of the popular rating systems are not intuitive. Let's look at IMDb, for example. Horrible Bosses 2 scored a 6.4/10 on IMDb - and it was pretty bad. Pulp Fiction scored an 8.9, and it was great. What you're seeing is a compressed range - awful movies don't actually score a 1, and great movies don't actually score a 10. Our rating algorithm takes this into account. The Leanflix score displays whole numbers from 1-10 - so you know that an "8" movie is actually good without having to think about the scale. On the back end, our score goes out to several decimal points so that the 'best to worst' sorting is very granular. For example: Interstellar has a Leanflix score of 9.09 and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King has a 9.02 - you'll see them both in the UI as a '9', but Interstellar appears first in the sort order. Lots more to say, but I don't want to bury you guys in info here. We're happy to answer any questions and implement changes/fixes/improvements! Zack
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A movie buff's paradise, this looks really neat. Easy signup and clean design. Definitely worth recommending to peers!
@meghu thanks for sharing!
Boy. If this doesn't describe every person's problem. Every time I want to watch a movie at 9pm my wife says, "No, because you'll spend an hour searching for something to watch and then it's too late to start a movie!" Already building my "watch list"
@msuster You should look into Netflix's new "Browse Endlessly Plan" http://www.theonion.com/video/ne...
@msuster So true, so very very true. I've ruined several movie nights over this.
I spent 30 minutes looking for something on Netflix yesterday. I gave up and did something else. This will be a huge help! Thanks :)
@ahmadktaech let us know what hidden gems you find!
@ahmadktaech Thats the story of my life right there. Usually its 30 minutes of looking, and then trailers for an hour.