Lean Service Creation

Open source design process and toolkit


Lean Service Creation is the only open source design process and toolkit on this planet. Take it, use it, break it, make it yours and make it better.

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7 Reviews5.0/5

Well done for releasing something in creative commons.

One of the challenges of projects like this is that PDF's are generally where information goes to die, not to be forked, improved and merged back into the branch. So I'm interested how I could contribute to this as an open source project, if it actually is one?


Free Resources, relatively well designed.


This isn't "The only open source design process and toolkit on this planet".

Do you know what other good ones are out there?

Futurice have done amazing work to put this all together. To get started it's best to do it with an experienced work shopper but after that this is everything you could need to really develop new product effectively.


It's a great collection of tools with the addition of some new ones that really helps to make great products!


Some of the redesigns can be confusing for people who are familiar with the original tools.

Like many people I find it very difficult to do simple things. School, university and work teach us that complex problems are rewarded better than simple ones. These guys show how to find problems that worth solving instead of finding just complex problems.


I like the way these guys rethink basic things


I would like to see some real stories

I reallty enjoy this kind of initiative


Great initiative and free tools