Lean It If You Mean It

Testing lean startup methodology IRL!

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Hi folks! Firstly, thanks to this awesome hunter for getting this up here. Kudos man! I'm Luka, author of "Lean It If You Mean It - An Entrepreneur's Journey" and actually just a dude that roughly 2 years ago had a delightful idea, more even a question that went something like this: "Are any of startup frameworks and methodologies applicable in the daily life of a person?” Methodologies like Waterfall, SCRUM, Lean? Agile in general?Chaos Theory???" At the time, I was heavily influenced by the Lean Startup Methodology from Eric Ries and specifically one principle that he called Validated Learning. So in that spirit, I embarked on a quest exactly on 26th of June 2015 to test out the famous lean startup approach and apply it; not at a single startup project, but at living the life, the entrepreneurial life. This eventually grew into a book that you can see above. It was a rigorous 50 days of trial & error with several reflects later in the year so the book actually covers a period of almost one year from 26th of June 2015. In that period, I literally organized my life on three Main Objectives. Those were: A Startup project — a side project alongside my daily job that I wanted to grow and turn into a startup Education — learning new things that would accompany me in being better on the main objectives and “know-how” in particular Lifestyle — organization of time, health, fitness, and nutrition However, the real thing that comes into play here is the Validated Learning aspect. I suddenly switched my daily routine and pumped it with so many activities that the only way I could go forward was to constantly give myself feedback, iterate and then execute on various ideas and activities I was doing. In that process I also had to disregard those that weren’t giving a measurable effect. I was writing to myself daily, and then big weekly reports on Sunday to see if I’m going in the right direction and that everything makes sense. (at least to me) So to get shit done, I coined my own methodology which I named The Battle Matrix Methodology. Check it out on my website and see if it that is something that you would like to try out. It's free for download! Hope you find something useful from the whole journey and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have! Until then, keep up the battle champs! :)