The Lean Canvas Trello Power-Up is a 1-page business plan template that helps you deconstruct your idea into its key assumptions.
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Hi everyone, Really pleased to share my work with you guy's! Trello is an incredible tool for managing projects but I really missed a proper way to do a Lean Canvas so I decided to create it myself. Enjoy! :-)
Really cool concept put into practice! I’ve actually been following Alex Osterwalder for a bit now and it’s cool to see an adaption of his business model canvas put into a sleek format to be used on Trello! Congrats to the maker!
Looks really good! Will try it out soon for our Trello
@blockonomics_co Sounds good thank you!
Saved for future use :)
@jacksonhong_ Great, let me know if you have any future feature requests!
Love that this allows you to get the gist of a business plan in a quick glance rather than reading an entire business plan or even an executive summary. What inspired you to create this?
@ericahal Im a big fan of Trello and Lean Canvas. A perfect match!