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#3 Product of the DayJuly 28, 2014
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Founder here. Sounds like my friends are getting pretty excited about this “app” we built over the last weekend with my friend Seb. A deadly simple web app that lets you say what you don’t dare say to someone by sending an anonymous email. It is called Leak. There is no signup, so it will take you only a couple of sec to send your first leak. You’ll see there is an addicting feeling of freedom when you post a leak.
@ldesserrey interesting concept. a couple q's: 1) what types of leaks are people sending? 2) how are you thinking about monetization?
@eriktorenberg Glad you like leaking :p 1. We’re talking about something we launched among friends about a week ago. So I can tell you what my friends are sending. It’s about dating, dirty secrets, apologies, and confessions ;) Really positive and exciting for the moment. You can subscribe to our newsletter on justleak.it to receive the best leaks of the week every monday in your inbox. 2. It’s a side project that we started a week ago. We have a vision but it’s not about monetization yet. Would you have any advices?
@ldesserrey About this: "You can subscribe to our newsletter on justleak.it to receive the best leaks of the week every monday in your inbox. " -- why do you need to store the messages at all once they are sent? How long do you keep them?
@burtherman 1. The leaks are kept anonymous (no sender email address). 2. However, the leak + IP are stored for 6 months in case of reprehensible abuse by law (harassment, threats, pedophilia...)
@ldesserrey What safety mechanisms are in place for this app. A few of the examples on the homepage imo were a bit inappropriate. I get that it's supposed to be lighthearted and fun but it looks like it could foster a lot of negative and uncomfortable interactions for the recipient. I see that you can report negative/poor behaviors but can people opt out of Leak (ie. block Leak e-mails)? Also why did you choose not to have people create a login? I feel like that's a missed accountability buffer.
How about using this as an anonymous feedback gatherer?
@EAWharton Sure thing Eddie! We thought about this. We actually see Leak as a way to solve any kind conflicts.
All the email I sent went to Spam (wasn't from the content). :(
@lucascerdan You can receive leaks on every mail providers including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, GMX, Mail.com,.. However, we’re still working on Gmail Pro. Is that your provider? Thank you very much for your feedback. Deliverability is our main concern :)
@lucascerdan If you want to be updated you can send me an email at laurent@justleak.it and I'll let you know when this is fixed :)
Is it anonymous or not? You mention "you reserve the right to engage law enforcement". How does that work if its anonymous? Are you storing IPs or not?
@dbl Yes it totally is, we don’t have your email address nor identity. However, it is necessary for our system and the security of everyone to maintain a link between the leaks you create and your IP address. This IP address will never be communicated except in the very rare occasion of legal matters.
@ldesserrey The terms and conditions say otherwise. I always think it's a good idea for founders to actually read what their lawyers wrote (or that they copied from another service) to understand exactly what they're agreeing to.
@ldesserrey for example, you say you have the right "to publish your name in connection with your Submission" - obviously you don't have the name, but this suggests whoever wrote this didn't understand the service.
@arrington Thanks Michael. We wanted to ship Leak quickly to see if people would like this kind of service. Sounds like they do. That's why we're going to dig our terms :)