Leaf PHP

Create clean, simple but powerful web apps and APIs quickly.

Leaf is a PHP micro-framework which helps you create web applications and APIs from the ground up in minutes.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
It's simple and very easy to use
Awesome, I just found about it and already using it for a client's site. Clean, well organized and the MVC versión is just great!!!
Very impressive, I've starred it on Github.
this is very good simply use thanks
it is sad but from my perspective php is doom. Major issue is the speed of development and language performance. only 1k/s requessts with index.php and "echo" but when using java (Spring) or nodeJs i get 15k and 5k.
@marcin_tribe pls contact me at mickdd22@gmail.com😉, let's see how we can address your issue
@marcin_tribe PHP 7.3 is one of the fastest backends in performance benchmarks. Where did you get your results from?
@rayliverified I did it myself. I have compared netty, tomcat, jetty with apache (with different modes an caches) and nginx and I was shocked. That java (with SpringBoot+built in netty, tomcat) and nodejs (with express) is much faster. I later found some similar benchmark. I was writing nice framework for PHP 7.2 and left it because I couldn't tweak empty index.php to even meet 1/10 of "java" speed. Note: I heard that "go" is like 1.2 faster than java. So from that point PHP is no go for me. And for reference: my laptop is old (Intel© Core™ i5-4300U CPU @ 1.90GHz × 2 + 16GB Ram) and I easily (Springboot+netty without any config) run 15k/sec requests (simple text response) on spring boot.
@marcin_tribe In my personal benchmarks, I find that I'm limited to 120 requests per second with PHP. There's some interesting benchmark stats here: https://www.toptal.com/back-end/... https://thinkmobiles.com/blog/ph... I've been doing Android development for 8+ years but never used Java for a backend. Can you run a Loader.io and tell me how many requests Spring MVC is able to handle?
@marcin_tribe Here's the best article I've found with real world server results: https://medium.com/@mihaigeorge.... You're right about PHP's RPS. I'm still very skeptical about the performance of other platforms. Are they really that much faster than PHP?