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#3 Product of the DayJuly 13, 2014
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Robin BilgilHunter@rbilgil · Co-Founder at Shuttlecook
These guys are in the summer batch of the http://ignite.io accelerator and launching soon. Seems to essentially combine Shazam with Spotify.
Claudio Gallo@daualset · @shazam
Currently available only for Costa Rica, it should be powered by Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify and Deezer. Will be interesting to see how they intend to integrate merch, tickets, and music store with the streaming service. Anyhow gotta love the ticos :)
Gilbert CorralesMaker@samiq · CEO, Leaf.fm
@daualset thanks for the shout Claudio - we will be opening up the beta a bit more in the next couple of weeks and have more people help us get this ready for prime time
Josh Lee@lee94josh · UPenn
Love the idea of providing streaming music for free and monetizing elsewhere. After that, it comes down to how big their selection of music is.
Claudio Gallo@daualset · @shazam
@lee94josh Maybe @samiq can tell us some more.
Gilbert CorralesMaker@samiq · CEO, Leaf.fm
Thanks @daualset :) ... @lee94josh yeah, so what we are doing is that we are leveraging content from different sources and letting artists claim their profile and take over from there. So content wise is already quite encompassing bringing content from YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer and such, we are connecting with iTunes first and on top of that bands are already curating their stores. What we want is to give bands an alternative approach where they can monetize digitally in a more similar way than they do in the physical world.
Josh Lee@lee94josh · UPenn
@samiq Awesome! I signed up this morning, can't wait to try it out
Gilbert CorralesMaker@samiq · CEO, Leaf.fm
@lee94josh Hi Joshua, you should have received the email already, let me know if you had any issues getting it installed. cheers!
Gilbert CorralesMaker@samiq · CEO, Leaf.fm
Hi all, we started inviting everyone to the beta yesterday, your invitation should have coming already. Hope you enjoy as much as we did building it. The journey is only starting so go ahead and bring on the feedback!