AI-powered virtual colleague for digital marketers

Virtual AI assistant for Facebook marketers who sends daily optimization tips and helps improve campaign performance with no effort. Just ask Leadza to implement tips and enjoy your results.

  • Yuriev Nikita
    Yuriev NikitaAssociate, IIDF.vc

    Leadza sends awesome recomendations for Ad Campaigns. It helps to improve our performance


    don't have much

    Leadza team made a great product. They really understand marketing team pains

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  • Pros: 

    Seriously works. Happy days ahead with no stress optimisation. Halved my CPCs for clicks to website. Just get it.


    Would be great if you could turn on and off but I believe it's coming. Anyway, it's just the beginning and it rocks.

    You need to let campaigns run at least a few days to get the most out of it.

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Thanks, Tristan, for hunting us! Hello Product Hunters, I’m the CEO and founder of Leadza.ai along with @oleg_plichko1 Leadza.ai is a virtual AI assistant for Facebook marketers who send daily optimization tips and helps improve campaign performance with no effort. Start a conversation -> https://www.m.me/leadza?ref=prod... Connect your Facebook Ad Accounts and get tips in 2 minutes. Leadza suggests how to allocate your budget, optimize demographics and placements, scale campaigns launching new ad sets with a lookalike and interest-based targeting and much more. You can choose any tip you like and ask Leadza to implement it. Wow! Yes, that works. We crossed 1000 active users after launching our first beta in August this year. And we have a nice bonus for you, guys. If you like our assistant, share it with friends and get 1 month of subscription for every three friends who logged in. Happy to answer your questions. 🐣 Feels great to be on PH today!
Met these founders at 500 Startups and they've done a beautiful job building this product.
Great useful product!
@pecherskyy Thanks Max for your support!
Awesome, guys! Can you please describe how e-commerce can benefit from your solution in terms of driving sales?
@mike_bukhovtsev Mike, thanks a lot for your question. For e-commerce companies (with Conversion campaign objective) Leadza suggests how to: - Effectively allocate budget between active ad sets (“between campaigns” will be launched soon) - Optimize age/gender and platform/device/position parameters - Scale with new lookalike audiences - especially if you have different Pixel events It takes into account attribution windows as well. We will plan to launch new “funnel approach” when Leads will suggest which Campaign objective to choose and when it’s optimal to switch.
Looks like a cool product! What about Slack integration?
@ya_mike Hi Mike, thank you for the question! We're planning to implement it soon at the beginning of 2018.