Turn more website visitors into leads with multi-step forms.

#1 Product of the DayFebruary 05, 2020
Leadforms helps you turn more website visitors into leads.
* Add to ANY website (Wordpress, Unbounce, Leadpages, & more!)
* No coding required!
* Used by SEO & PPC marketers to capture more leads!
* Integrate with your CRM
* Installed on over 1,300+ sites!
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Hi @john_porrini! First of all, kudos for creating a great product! Went through the website and saw all the features you are offering, and i am pretty impressed by all of them, really loved it - specially the one with exit intent technology. Tried some demos (auto dealer leadform, SaaS demo) and it is seamless! Congratulations!
@john_porrini would love to cover this product on my StartUps101 Instagram Page and Podcast, which would expose this to startups and business based in India! Looking forward to your reply!
@porush_puri Thanks so much for the comments. I really appreciate it. I'm definitely interested. Feel free to shoot some more info to my email, which is john@getleadforms.com
Nice product John. Congrats on the launch. Is there a way to use on certain features and not others? I’d like to be as unobtrusive as possible for new visitors to my site but more so later as they come back. Also do visitors see the same features throughout their visits?
@kensavage -- Thanks Ken! Yes, every feature is pretty much configurable through a dashboard. For example, we can easily configure things like: - Timed pop-up vs Not using timed-popup - Turn on/off exit intent technology - Hide/show the little widget in the bottom right hand corner (which can be placed anywhere BTW) - We can configure the pop-up settings right down to the device level... because I know that sometimes it's not great to be showing pop-ups to people on mobile. - Social proof and be turned on or off - Then other configurable options include things like colors, background image, even the form styling. It's pretty flexible. Yes, right now visitors will see the same features throughout their visits. I do have plans to build out a remarektingish type feature that would essentially allow you to show different Leadforms with different messages to people based on the pages that they already visited. It's in the pipeline, I just haven't had many people request this feature yet.
Hi @john_porrini! I love LeadForms. It has been working well for me and my clients! Since it has been added to our websites, we’ve generated more qualified leads! Great product.
@katem Great to hear. Thanks so much!
Looks nice! Some questions... Does this have webhook support (meaning, can it push a new form submit to a webhook)? Does this integrate with Zapier? Does this integrate with Airtable?
@boaticus Thanks Ken! Webhook Support - Yes, Leadforms has Webhook support built in. We can integrate with nearly any software that supports webhooks. We've setup a few integrations into custom CRM systems through webhooks. Zapier - It doesn't support Zapier just yet. But we've been getting a ton of requests for this. So it's near the top of the roadmap. Airtable - Does not integrate with Airtable yet. This could be cool though. I'll add it to my list. thanks for the ideas!
@boaticus interested in that
Pretty much any site needs a form so it's great to see some no-code movement here. I gave some feedback on your landing page here: https://app.usebubbles.com/e9e9f... -- let me know if it's useful. In my opinion you could focus on a lot more on getting the person to try the product and signup (perhaps with your own leadform), and the amount of text/features on the page can be reduced. The large amount of text makes it seem like a complicated product to me. It would be better to let the product speak for itself and move details to a CRM system or FAQ or dedicated pages for SEO.
@tom4 - Wow! Thanks!! I wasn't expecting that type of feedback. That was very useful and I'll definitely take all of this into account when I go to update this page (which happens all of the time). One thing that really stands out to me is how you said that the amount of text and features makes the product seem complicated to you. I never once considered that, but I completely get it. Very eye opening. Thanks again, I really appreciate the time that you took out of your day to do that.