Lead Honestly

One-on-one questions to actively engage employees.

Lead Honestly helps you actively engage your employees with

insightful questions & 1-on-1 meeting assistance.

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Hello Product Hunt! We're excited to launch Lead Honestly today, and are looking forward to your feedback. Please feel free to leave any feedback here, and if you're interested, checkout out our introduction story at https://medium.com/lead-honestly.... Thanks!
Sweet! Chicago startup, will be check it out soon
Congrats on the launch, Shay & team! This product is a gold mine. The questions end up being extremely helpful reminders week-to-week (and frankly, solid coaching). Highly recommended.
@shayhowe - I had absolutely loved the first book you wrote on Advanced CSS. I still refer it often. Will love to check this one out too. Keep up the good work! :)
Congrats Shay and Darby! Excited to see this go live much faster than anticipated. And excited to be an advocate for the product.
@loganlahive1 Thanks Logan! You've been incredibly helpful through and through, we owe you.