Le Bon Rap

Discover awesome clips from awesome French rappers πŸ‘Œ

Le bon Rap curates awesome clips from awesome French rappers.

I'm adding artists + updating existing songs every other week, which means you can come back some time to time to listen to new songs from artists you liked!

Posted here mainly to have a Product Hunt day πŸ’œ

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πŸ‘‹Hello guys, I had a lot of fun creating LeBonRap and I hope you'll like it too! I dug some killer bangers and know you'll make a good use of the playlist 😊 Please tell me who (whom?) you discovered / liked the most / knew already! πŸ™Œ
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@hypervillain Nicely done! Starting my day with IAM
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@hypervillain Love the design and some good oldies in there - great job! πŸ™Œ
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wesssshhh trop biennn !!!!
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@rominsky_raskovic OMG Frenchies in the club
Good work Hugo! Could you add a newsletter form to be notified when a new artist is featured?
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@yesnoornext I was supposed to add browser notifications yesterday - let me put something up asap
@yesnoornext Well I don't know how to add images to comments but there you go!
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N'Γ©coute pas les adultes la vie est belle ! https://www.lebonrap.fr/artists/...
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A good way to enjoy the classics but also a great opportunity to discover artists/songs I don't know yet ;) Please surprise me @hypervillain!
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@kayoum Kayoum! 😍