Lazy Lantern

Autonomous anomaly detection for all your product metrics.

You want to stay informed about what matters in your site or app as it’s happening? We analyze each of your product metric with machine learning in real-time. If something doesn't look right, you are notified in Slack and can take immediate action.
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The reason we started Lazy Lantern is that we repeatedly got overwhelmed by the amount of product analytics we had to keep track of in various companies. What specific metrics are you supposed to monitor when your have dozens or hundreds of them, each one having 15+ dimensions like device type, location, language, etc.? Despite spending significant time monitoring analytics dashboards on Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Amplitude, Grafana and more, we had to keep track of so many metrics and user segments that impactful events regularly went unnoticed. This meant that we often missed both technical incidents and business opportunities, such as not knowing that a feature really moved the needle or that there was sudden adoption for a specific user group. At this point, we are targeting Segment customers, which makes enabling our product a breeze. If people find it useful, we will provide wider support. Pricing is based on the number of metrics you want to track. If you email us at mentioning this post, we’ll extend the free trial to 3 months. If you are interested, sign up in one minute on our website at
You tap into Segment's API? Or you're an integration on their platform?
@benhoffman_ we are an official destination on Segment:
How does the anomaly algorithm work? Can you give some insights into what exactly you are checking for?
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Yes please, help me find my bugs !!
Out of the box with segment. I'm honestly shocked there is no other segment partner doing this. The best ideas are generally the ones right there in front of you. Nice work!