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Mustapha Turki@imtoofar · Software developer, Emiketic
Lawd is born initially to provide a video of a day with a group chat. Then, I realized that having this collection can attract more and more users. I also experienced many issues wiring a subtitle with a video, even with Popcorn time. This is why I started building from the bottom up, and enhancing the watching experience. For the product strategy, I always wanted to spread my words for Tunisians, who still using old streaming fashion with a lot of ads and lower quality. Ps: We have no legal matters about piracy. We and the torrent tracker respect dmca requests.
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Kazuya Nakamura@kzynakamura · CEO, qeuep
Sounds interesting but I do not want to download and install until I know what exactly it is. Maybe it is a good idea to elaborate what Lawd is on your website.
Mohit Gangrade@mohitgangrade · Founder @getgrowthfuel
@kzynakamura Yeah. The website needs a bit more details about the product =)
Rotem Yakir@rotemthegolfer · Guggy CEO - Fun-up Your Message
@kzynakamura Agree, need more details
Daniel Citrin@deadlinegrind · Getting ready ..
@kzynakamura I gave it a go. Same concept as Popcorn Time, it streams torrents. Also found the source code If you'd like to pick over it. https://github.com/stoufa88/lawd...
Mustapha Turki
@imtoofar · Software developer, Emiketic
@kzynakamura thanks for pointing this out. As Daniel says, it is as simple as a torrent streaming app.
gabe@1080p · Head Honcho
Impressive code - but Product Hunt shouldn't endorse illegal torrenting.
@1080p not all torrents are illegal...
gabe@1080p · Head Honcho
@zappe I'm a security researcher - I'm well aware. But this program has plenty of illegal torrents listed.
Mohit Gangrade@mohitgangrade · Founder @getgrowthfuel
This app looks like Popcorn Time. Isn't it illegal to stream movie torrents?
Seb Jachec@iamsebj · Studying, coding, designing, gaming.
@mohitgangrade Since when did that stop anyone :)
@mohitgangrade no, torrents aren't illegal.
Marc@themarc · Podcaster, Brew Bloods
Definitely piracy.
Manuel Frigerio@mnlfrgr · Maker of @maitre_app / CTO EventNinja.io
Good until it gets shut down ;) ps: the automatic subtitles search was impressive.