Airbnb for laundry machines

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Interesting idea but I find the answer of "using Facebook for login/signup" as completely lacking as a solution to the trust question.
It isn't the most robust solution, agreed. We do have verified credit cards on file, full names, and the last 4 digits of hosts' social security numbers, so that should discourage theft. As far as safety goes, background checks are something we're looking into doing as well along with reviews.
There are huge issues to solve, but I think personal washing machine utilization versus laundromat wash+fold is the endpoint for mobile enabled laundry services. The marginal labor costs at laundromats for wash+fold make scaling hard. Can't wait to see where this product goes/ how it evolves!
I was going to say the price is a bit steep for $10 a load until I realized that the "host" does the laundry for you. I guess that's not too bad but I'll stick to the $2.50/load I pay at my complex. Good work regardless. Curious to see how many people sign up as hosts vs. customers.
Really cool service. I'd use it if it was available around the corner here in Pacifica. Do you have a Twitter handle? I'd like to share it...
@robmcarpenter Thanks! We have one now - @Laundromatchapp