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LaunchUp is a service which allows the Makers to launch their producs and Startups into sites, blogs and directories, only with a Click πŸš€

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guys, your website looks very cramped, there's hardly any white space between sections. Doesn't look good and not very credible to be honest.
Hi Everyone ! πŸ‘‹ After having launched several products for the PH community, such as StartupMate (1500+ Upvotes) and having collected the stories of the most successful launches (The Maker Book & Product Hero) I realized how much this phase could be time-consuming, but obviously also important for any Startup and Project. I know how boring it can be looking for the best sites, email the journalists and doing the whole process by hand, or how it can be frustrating working on your site/app for months, and then not reaching any users. 😞 For this reason, I decided to launch LaunchIt, a new service to help the Makers in their Launch. πŸš€ πŸ”₯ LaunchIt is Different πŸ”₯ Other sites offer submission in hundreds of directories, many of which are almost dead and with bad quality links. This means that the result will not be greater visibility, but an image damage and especially a big problem for the SEO of your site. ☠️ πŸ’Ž We prefer Quality πŸ’Ž Once you have filled out the form with all the information on your project, our collaborators will create a customized Pitch and insert your new project into all the best directories and communities (even with the basic plan) and the journalists of the best blogs. In addition to this, to improve the effectiveness of your launch, you will receive personalized images for use on different sites and on Social Media.😍 😻 Loving PH Community 😻: For these 3 days will be offered a special discount of 20% for all Makers (in addition to the possibility every day, to win a free plan) I'm online to answer any of your questions
@marcogurnari FYI your link leads to the wrong website.
@dionisis_koles hi Dionis, probably was the ref. Now it should be ok πŸ‘‹
I don't understand the leadpages thing very confusing to be honest
@marcogurnari , i was top on the leaderboard lastweek but i didn't get any side project code , how to get that?