Micro-crowdfunding platform for building MVPs

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How is LaunchLeader different from Kickstarter?
@alextange LaunchLeader is pre-Kickstarter (or Indiegogo, or accelerator). LaunchLeader is for rallying your supporters and raising money to build your MVP so you can level up to the next fundraising stage. Kickstarter, etc. basically require a working prototype to succeed (which is why 60% - 90% of projects fail). And these days professional investors will not fund anything less than an MVP. That's why we built LaunchLeader - to help entrepreneurs and creators get over the MVP gap. Our fundraising design is similar to a wedding registry wish list, where you itemize the tools you need for your MVP, e.g. logo, video, prototype designs, landing page. Your friends & family backers can partially or fully fund any of your campaigns (tools) and you upload completed tools to your profile portfolio as you progress. We call it "micro-crowdfunding." Thanks for your question!
@ak_launchleader great. thanks for the thorough response. what other competitors do you have in the micro-crowdfunding space? How are you different?
@alextange My pleasure! We're the CFP that coined the term "micro-crowdfunding" - proof is that we own micro-crowdfunding.COM :D But you can use other platforms to raise small amounts of money; the problem is that you generally still have to offer tangible rewards, which you're probably not ready to do at the MVP stage (plus your personal network doesn't care as much about tangible rewards as they do about helping you). This is one reason that 70% of products on Kickstarter are fulfilled late or not at all. Micro-crowdfunding is about building MVPs with donation-based capital from your network (which ALWAYS needs to be your first supporters on any CFP, including Kickstarter, in order to gain momentum). Your backers are investing in your story on LaunchLeader. It's an experience reward and we have many features, ranging from the wish list fundraising format to progress portfolio (like GitHub) that keep your community engaged. The substitutes for LaunchLeader are platforms like Paypal or offline methods like writing checks where your friends & family can send you money. However, LaunchLeader is designed to be much more accessible, engaging and rewarding for all parties involved in the entrepreneur's startup journey. Hope that answers your question?
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