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What does it mean for an organization to be design-driven? What industries truly place design in a leading role, and what ones lag behind? We wanted answers—so we surveyed designers across a range of fields, specialities and industries. Now, we’re sharing what we learned in the first-ever 2016 Product Design Report. How does your team, organization—role, even—compare? Dive into the report and find out.
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@clarkvalberg awesome stuff, looking forward to digging in. Small feedback, scrolling is incredibly choppy, bordering on unusable, on my late 2013 MBPr. In case you're using ReadyMag (which the interaction model looks like), I have that issue with many of their sites (like guglieri.com).
@gbks Hey sir- glad you're enjoying it- lots of effort from the community and the internal team here on this one. I'll reach out to you shortly to see if we can discover whats going on with the choppy experience on your machine. :)
@theolmstead super appreciated.
Great stuff... that 150MB PDF though! Gets the fans a-spinnin'!
Can't wait to dig into this some more, fresh as usual InVision.
This is amazing! Keep killing it InVision.
InVision: better at content marketing than you. Nice work Clark!