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Launchfeed was born on Maker Hunt, made by @mubashariqbal, and it's an extreme way to monitor all products that have "launched" on Beta List, Startup List, Product Hunt, Hacker News, Gadget Hunt, and KickStarter. Also, if anything's missing, you can request an additional source. P.S. Not to mention it's quite handy for hunters. :D
@v4violetta Thanks for hunting this. Glad you're finding is useful.
Great tool for founders / developers to be in the know. I think it's somewhat similar to Panda (http://usepanda.com/app/#/) but it does have more sources like Kickstarter and BetaList.
@irvingtorresyc My inspiration came from Popurls (http://popurls.com/) which have been around for years, probably inspired UsePanda too :)
Mubs is product-creating MACHINE.
@erictwillis I wasn't joking about making the top of the Maker Success leaderboard :) http://makersuccess.com/leaderboard
@erictwillis @mubashariqbal it all makes sense now! :D
HOLY SHIT! It's an aggregator AGGREGATOR. This is fantastic. Great work! Also, I love the interface. Rather than hiding things under toggles and what not, all the lists are laid out to see at once. It's perfect.
@theericanderson Thanks. I wanted to keep things as simple and easy to use as possible. See things at a glance.
Oh damn, this is my wet dream come true. Running a review/feature site on products that you should know, but don't, my co-founder and I spend a lot of time crawling sites like PH, Kickstarter, TechCrunch etc. Don't know how I didn't think of this. I am a fan :) kudos!
@simonlea_ I built this because I was doing something very similar, and trying to save myself some time. I'm trying to add sites that have some kind of API to make aggregating easier and maybe provide more useful data. Unfortunately some sites don't even have good RSS feeds anymore.