Instantly search domains, social media handles & logotypes.

#3 Product of the DaySeptember 13, 2016
Mason Payne
  • Mason Payne
    Mason PayneFounder, Masonite Studios, LLC

    One simple interaction (typing your company name) gives you a ton of options.


    I wish you could specify the ending of your URL or ask for more font options. If there is an option already I could see it.

    I love the simple tools that do all the hard work of checking for availability and price. Excellent simplification of a laborious process.

@cameronrohani This. Saves. So. Much. Time!
@cameronrohani the web app experience is on point. Great work!
@cameronrohani In love with Launchaco, this is so helpful for branding.
I like the fonts and novel domains!
What a time saver for startup founders...this can be one of the most awful and creative sinkholes that a team goes through... Bravo for making this hellish process a little better.
@howell4change Thanks! This was the motivating factor for us to build launchaco, we believe this process should fun and simple!
Are the search queries tracked?
@shelbyerickson No definitely not!