Lattice Pulse

Real-time engagement insights about your people.

Lattice Pulse is a continuous employee engagement solution enabling people leaders to gain real-time connected insights about their company so they can always make the best possible business decisions.
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Hey product hunt! We're really excited to share a new Lattice product with you. Pulse allows you to get continuous data about how your teams are feeling in a way that's easy for them and powerful for you. Because it's part of the broader Lattice suite, you can compare that data with things like performance data to get much deeper insights about your people. Over the past several years, nearly every department at a company has gotten powerful tools for analysis. We're working hard to bring that same level of horsepower to HR/People teams and hope that Lattice Pulse can help. We’re thrilled to launch this to our customers and the Product Hunt community, would love to hear what you think! Jack (p.s. We're hiring!!
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Very cool!
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This is amazing and congrats on the launch. Beautiful UI and some great integration work with Slack.
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Super neat product!
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