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#5 Product of the WeekSeptember 29, 2014
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Hey guys, We built Latergramme at a hackathon because we wanted an easy way to schedule posts to Instagram from your desktop and mobile phone. As some may know, Instagram does not allow posting directly to their API so what we do is a workaround that sends you a push notification at the time you want to post. That push notification includes the photo and caption and passes this information into the Instagram app. This makes it fully compatible with their terms but also requires a manual approval at the time of posting. We’ve made the process as easy as possible allowing you to schedule your posts via a browser and your mobile phone. We’ve also just released a couple of other exciting features including regram (re-post others Instagram posts and give them credit) and the ability to manage multiple Instagram accounts. Happy to answer any questions.
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@symana great workaround!
@symana I've been using this for a while, awesome hack :)
@symana as any agency guy I can tell you there's a huge need for this. Great work!
@symana This is AWESOME! Have been wanting something like this. Great workaround!
very nice :) Buffer should acquire you guys! ;)
Awesome job! Finally a solution that everyone has been waiting for.
Awesome idea! Finally someone solves this problem. How are you handling multiple instagram accounts? I couldn't find the option. I like your monetization model, but it would be cool to have a look at it on the landingpage, too, without being signed in. I found that on the app the rounded corners of the tutorial pictures have white edges, also the menu background. Suggestion: When selecting the time zones on the web I'd like to be able to type in the city and get auto suggestions rather than only having a drop down you're offering now. Again, great idea. I can't wait to use this frequently.
@alexmuench Thanks for the feedback, we definitely need to do some fine tuning. For the multiple Instagram accounts it's in the account area. You'll need to add another Instagram account, then you'll be able to switch between accounts. You still need to login/out on your phone before posting but hopefully Instagram will add quick account switching soon (like twitter).
@symana Multiple accounts. Schedule posts. I love you Matt. I love you and Latergramme. Here is a gif(t)
@syswarren Thanks! Love (and gift) shared with the rest of the team. @cindychenc @imakinn @roger_patterson
Having some issues with the crop functionality. Even on a pre cropped square photo the image selector is forcing me to crop the photo to a size that is "too small." I think this is because it won't allow me to move the image selection box all the way to the bottom of the image.
@freemanlafleur I'm guessing you're on iOS8. We're pushing an app update to fix this shortly.