A "save for later"-service baked directly into twitter

@LaterBot is a "save for later"-service baked directly into twitter

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crazy that Twitter doesn't have this functionality built in. I currently 'hack' a workaround by clicking the 'send tweet' button and then sending the tweet as a DM to myself. allows me to 'save' any tweet in just 2 taps
@_jacksmith If it's links, I just long press on it and Pocket it. If it's a tweet I wanna save, I still pocket it 😅
@_jacksmith I used to send a DM to Tay, the AI bot from Microsoft. :P
@sarthakgh the pocket route wouldn't work in their mobile app though
@_jacksmith @sarthakgh you could create an IFTT recipe to save all the links you DM yourself to Pocket
@phimema I don't know that ifttt has DMs as a trigger
@i_am_fabs I think this might be twitter's first ever bot. I should know, I've uploaded 1000's to https://botlist.co/. :D
Why shouldn't I just create another twitter ID and send all my links as DMs to it?
@utestme in theory, I guess you could, but that sounds like a pain in the ass.
@sethlouey @utestme actually sounds pretty easy and then your links are all yours.
Why not just send the Tweet/link as a DM to yourself?
@awolber I agree with you as it would work the same way and more secure.