Later Reminders

Super simple way to schedule reminders on your phone

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 14, 2015
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I like the simplicity of this (reminiscent of @thetylerhayes' Slapshot) although I've found Siri very useful for these ad-hoc reminders. You can set reminders for specific times, X hours from now, etc. without typing a word.
@thetylerhayes @rrhoover was going to say the exact thing, Siri is great for this... and with "Hey, Siri", even more powerful
@rrhoover @raulriera Siri is legit. I use Siri 5x daily, and Slapshot 1-3x daily. Mostly because before iOS 8 I really wanted to be able to Slapshot from the lock screen because having to unlock my phone was too many steps and the point of Snapshot is to be brutally simple. So I always used Siri. But now iOS 8 has Notification Center widgets! *hint*
Here are some other minimum requirements I'd suggest for any reminders app: -desktop/web access -utilize iOS Reminders database (read/write) -customizable default snooze windows (30min etc) - image/url attachments
I know it's kind of odd, but I use Slack to remind me of stuff. Sends me both a push notification to my phone and an email using the "/remind me in 2 days to call joe"
I've been using later very regularly for the past several months. It's super useful. Two small suggestions: - enable autocorrect when typing a reminder. This app has made me realize how much I rely on it. Without it about half my words have a typo - add a mailbox style time section for immediate reminders in addition to the more general / long-term later, tonight, tomorrow, etc. there are plenty of times I'd love to be reminded of something in 15, 30, 60 min after i finish up a meeting or get back from lunch
Kind of like Mailbox for Reminders :) Looks awesome.