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This is really well done. Messaging is such a *comfortable* interface and the bot-like interaction here is really natural.
Very nice looking app. I wish there was a tagline or something along the lines of "With chat-based health, _________[benefit] instead of _______[drawback to other apps]" so I get a sense of why chat-based is worth trying.
@narekk a lot of it comes down to execution. Lark is one of the better ones I've seen that couples a chatbot with pre-generated responses to make the conversation flow quickly and efficiently. It also integrates with HealthKit in an interesting way to ask you about your activity. All that is hard to fit into a tagline. :)
Not so surprising to meet here in this thread @chrismessina ;-)
Great feedback, @narekk. We're working on several ways to explain the benefits. Something along the lines of: Getting more active and sleeping better has never been easier than chatting with Lark. Say goodbye to the suffering and bootcamps. Or just: "AI Health Buddy" Also, do you prefer efficacy studies, user stories, catchy taglines, or all of the above?
I found this app to be pretty frustrating (I'm about 20 minutes into it and already signed up for pro, assuming I'd unlock a lot more options). First off, I have a massive amount of data from services such as myfitnesspal, withings, jawbone, google fit, etc, and not being able to hook things up to devices and services I'm already using consistently doubles a lot of my tracking. Plus, the lack of ability to see any real sort of configuration settings or even talk to the conversational bot to get answers or some sort of chat to a real person is frustrating. Also, the data coming from the one google fit integration that's allowed is tracking things like 42-minute sports at 2:40am, when I was clearly sleeping, but again, I have no insight into the data that it's pulling in, because it's crazy basic. I feel like I'm experiencing a lot of dead ends with the strict limitations and also being forced to use my phone rather than an additional web interface and the chat bot is also severely limited by always been constant in the moment, rather than letting me correct data (It asked for breakfast, which I put as 'lemon bar', meaning a fiber one lemon square, because I had no idea about the expectations of a UI like this and what it'd do, then I had to correct it, but it just moved along in the conversation, without letting me rectify it), then it goes off on a conversation about the incorrect food that I logged. I find myself reaching the end of a conversation with lark about doing something, then not being able to do it. Then I try and close the app, so the conversation starts again. For a user that's already used to rich data insights and has a significant data history already gathered, this type of interface has deeply upset me in its immediate limitation. While I may not be representational to the target user, this is certainly not a great way to transition me from the data-heavy environments I'm used to. Also, I started this on android, then moved to my ios device to see if it changed, but now the accounts aren't synced together. I initially signed up using google on android, then used facebook on ios (because there was no google option). Then when that wasn't synced, I tried to sign up as a new user, using the shared email address, which did work on android, but now ios keeps crashing when I load it. Even with the pro options, it's very clear that android wasn't prioritized as heavily as ios, and lacks many of the features. This app seems to be fairly limited, obscures data, doesn't have equal features across platforms, lacks integrations, and seems buggy on auth handling.