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Hi Hunters, excited to share what I've been working on! To the best of my knowledge, it's the biggest collection of pitch decks on the internet and I hope it gets even bigger :)
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Pitch deck design has very little correlation with the success of a business - but story-telling does. I wanted to build my own place to look through how these guys told their startup's story. I haven't built everything I'd like to yet, but I'm releasing it now to practice shipping early and often. Some cool things I'd like to work on are: • Sorting and filtering decks by their series, how much they raised, their industry, etc. • Meta-analysis and statistics: the average number of pages, the average number of words per slide, etc. • Filter pages by their type (i.e. show me all 'problem' slides, or 'the team' slides). • Let early-stage startups to add their own decks and gain some exposure. Feedback is more than welcomed. This was a fun side-project to work on and I hope you like it too 😊
@andrewmurtagh You can't filter by "REAL" and "MOCKED UP" . You really need to address that issue. You can't even tell which are real or mocked up.
@thegare Hi Gary, thanks for bringing this up - it's is indeed an issue. I've gone through them again and removed the ones I couldn't verify were legitimate. I'll continue to moderate the collection. Thanks
Awesome! Thanks for sharing it.
@morteza_milani Thanks Morteza! I had fun building it so I'm delighted you like it
Good job guys! I was just looking for a good pitch deck examples and I found you.
@telltrail thanks! I've been working at a startup for two years and was always looking for a good place to find pitch decks so I started working on one. Glad you like it
Wow, this is an amazing resource!
Loved it :) Great work, a share button at pitch details page would be helpful for mobile users. I wanted to share one of the the pitch deck link from phone, i cldn't find share for that exact url. Ex: If i am in this page, clicking on the share i would expect this link to be shared not just the domain link.