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Lapparatus is an online automatic logo maker app. You will have a professional looking logo after following a few simple steps. Just choose a color and some images, and we'll do the rest. Experiment with designs as much as you like. Then only buy your favourite.

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no match for common alternatives.


not many


way to simple, no creativity

Thank for the review. We're constantly improving the product, to if you have time, come back in a couple of days.

It is a very good concept - getting logos is typically very expensive and time consuming. This makes it quick, easy and inexpensive.

It would be good to have a try before you buy option, so the user can see how the site works (how easy it is to use - many people using it will not be very computer literate, so they might be put off if they think the site is difficult to use). The try before you buy option could show a few sample logos, with 'sample' written across them and not allow you to download them.


Clean website, simple interface, very good prices


Needs a 'try before you buy' option (it's coming)