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Danny Postma
@dannypostmaa · Founder of Landingfolio.com
Landingfolio just launched its new websites, making it faster and better looking. Check it out: http://www.landingfolio.com


Danny Postma
@dannypostmaa · Founder of Landingfolio.com
It hard for us landing page designers to find some inspiration for our next projects. There are gallery’s for one page websites and normal website. But not a nice curated one for landing pages. Since I found it time to finally build a side project for myself, I decided to create Landingfolio. A place where you can find the best landing pages for your inspir… See more
Ayman Fouad
@aivenkov · Founder of AppsConsole.com
Thanks Danny for the collection, Try to add different type of landing pages like "Call-to-action" ones, It will be an inspiration for marketers and designers as well to think of different ideas to generate more leads, Nice work.
Haseeb Awan
@haseeb · Founder, Efani
Thanks for it. Saved
Adam Muller
@muller_adam · Co-founder ADHD Collective, MullerCast
Really dig this @dannypostmaa. Already see this being useful in multiple ways. Quick side-by-side comparison check for newer landing page creators. Also useful for a quick lay of land for new internet tools. Pocketed. :)
Ronak Kakkad
@thekakkad · Marketing Head @Fitspur
This looks amazing! Trying it now!