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Convert visitors into customers through powerful positioning and crystal-clear messaging. Use Lander as a copywriting template to communicate your value to your audience
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Hey guys! I'm the Maker πŸ‘‹πŸΎ @andreagambier2 Thank you for hunting this! 🀯 Can't believe it's on here! I wanted to share something with the Maker community. It's a consolidation of my learnings and experiences building SaaS landing pages. Lander is based on high-conversion copywriting best practices. It's a SaaS landing page blueprint you can clone on Webflow or download as a .zip to edit for your own projects. Completely free! No need to drop an email even. I wanted to outline all the considerations and points our landing pages should address in order to sell value & turn visitors into customers. Lander covers these topics: - Headlines - Social proof - Objection handling - Customer language - Benefits instead of features - Addressing pain points - Differentiation - Call to Actions You'll also find some links to awesome free tools, guides, and resources πŸ˜‰ I'm really excited to have this shared with the eveyone! I put a lot of work in to it. Try it out for your next project! Feel free to message me here for questions. I'll be happy to help you tailor your messaging for your pages too!
@andreagambier2 @tabansi Hey Joshua, congrats on the launch πŸš€ This is really useful, nicely done!
@andreagambier2 @leandro8209 Thanks Leandro! Glad you found it useful 😊
Looks awesome! Good luck on the launch.
@richard56468124 Thank you Richard! Wasn't expecting the launch haha
Hey man! Looks great, but there's a virus detected by Windows Defender in the downloaded .zip, I think you should check that out.
@bhargavaman Woah! That's weird. It's a zip packaged by Webflow, that's really weird. Could you send me the details?
Hey Joshua, I saw you on Webflow! Good luck for your launch, it seems a cool product.
@luca_renga Hey Luca. Thanks man! I thought sharing on Webflow was all I was going to do for the project. Didn't expect it to reach product hunt haha